Frames, Frames, Frames

Do you use frames a lot in your kits?

Do you wish you could find a nice variety that you could use & reuse as you like?

Look no further! TriFaith has what you need!


Stockpile Frames 1 and 2
$6.00  $3.00
Save: 50% off

Frame 1 set: Get 'framed' with a versatile set of frames. The four frames comes colored and grayscaled and they include: one metalwork square frame, a burnished rectangular frame, a pointy-arched wrought-iron frame and one thin-ribbon frame. A great kit needs at least one great frame and with this kit you get all four! Coordinates with the "Stockpile-Frame 2" kit.

 Frame 2 set: Four more frames to fit your every need! This set includes colored and grayscaled *.png files of the following: one ribbon/bow frame, one square wood frame and two engraved rectangular frames. Coordinates with the "Stockpile-Frame 1" kit. AS ALWAYS NO CREDIT REQUIRED! ALL OF MY CU ITEMS ARE CU4CU!

You MAY: - Use any of my CU items, except the *.psd files, AS IS in any PU kit you create. You do NOT have to alter my items to resell them! You may use these products to create templates, tubes, brushes, actions, custom shapes or patterns.

If you alter any graphics with respect to color, size or by adding to removing items from them they may be sold as CU. You may use these in creating graphics for trademarks, logos, websites or promotions of any business or personal site.

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