Two new tutorials from 123RF and list of previous tuts

Tutorials link list 2
Learn about 3D Revolve Effect, how to complete the isolation process when working with a white background, how to draw a stylized female figure using nothing but your imagination and vector-editing software... and more. Full link list here:

Tutorials link list 3
Learn how to create floral ornaments from scratch using Illustrator, how to use “live paint” to add color, and how to create a seamless pattern based on the ornament, how to paint in Photoshop using a mouse, how to merge a few images to create an aged tin photo, how to blend images seamlessly to streamline your design, how to turn your hand drawings into vector graphics in Illustrator, how to create a vectorized wood grain in Adobe Illustrator (AI) that can be used for frames, furniture, floors, or backgrounds... and more. Full link list here:

More to come!

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