Damask B&W papers and seamless patterns

[article] Damask Scrapbooking - by Cijaye DePradine

This (http://scrapbookingdirections.com/2009/damask-scrapbook-paper-ahhhh-beauty/) is Damask.

And it's beautiful and classy. You can use it on your walls, your pillows, your skirts and now even your scrapbook papers!

Yes…Damask Scrapbook Papers are the new HOT ITEM in Scrapbooking.

They are a tad hard to find as not everyone is calling them damask scrapbook papers…some people don't even know what to call this sort of pattern. They just know it's beautiful.

But here's the thing…Damask Scrapbook Papers lend themselves beautifully to your scrapbook pages as backgrounds, borders, frames and mats.

You can even take the scrapbooking skills you have and turn your damask scrapbook papers into wedding invitations or elegant party favors at your next shower.

Keep in mind as well that your damask paper products don't need to stay BLACK AND WHITE - they can be black on ANY color and they can also be ANY COLOR on BLACK…Or…even Light Colors on other Solids. If you want to get even MORE creative with your damask scrapbook papers you can even touch up some of the intricate spaces (within your damask designs) with color - creating the mosaic or stained glass sort of effect.

Whatever you do with your damask scrapbook supplies I am sure it will be beautiful.
*Don't be afraid to share them in our scrapbook photo gallery too. We would LOVE to see them.

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Cijaye DePradine is the owner of http://www.scrapbookingdirections.com/ Through her website you can find scrapbooking ideas and directions whether you are just getting started with scrapbooking or your own a scrapbooking business ...please visit: http://www.scrapbookingdirections.com/ & http://scrapbookingdirections.blogspot.com/ for more scrapbooking ideas now.

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Damask B&W seamless patterns or backgrounds:

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Royalty Free Images

Vector seamless damask pattern:
Vector. Seamless damask pattern
© Photographer: Gromaler Agency: Dreamstime.com

Traditional black and white pattern:
Traditional black and white pa
© Photographer: Ng Agency: Dreamstime.com

Vector seamless damask pattern:
Vector. Seamless damask pattern
© Photographer: Gromaler Agency: Dreamstime.com

Damask pattern, black and white:
Damask Pattern Black and White
© Photographer: Thijsone Agency: Dreamstime.com

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