[article] Scrapbooking Borders - by Katie S. Turner

Are scrapbooking borders really necessary or are they becoming a thing of the past?

Fashions come and go & admittedly at one time, to create a scrapbook and not think to include borders would have been sacrilege.

They frame a page beautifully and can often entail themes of a certain event or day that took place. I've often colour-coded my borders within a scrapbook, denoting different countries visited and/or different ages of nieces and nephews when collating family memorabilia. So, in the past I've been grateful for borders. They certainly have more uses than just adding decoration and a frame.

However, of late I've been scrapbooking and have deliberately not included borders.
Maybe it's because I've more time on my hands now and I want to break out of a rut but I'm trying to make my pages more interesting. Having no borders is making me explore other options and making me literally think outside the box.

Scrapbooking borders have been useful for framing a page but when I really want to hold my reader's interest and draw attention to something, not having a border surprises them and that in itself; I find, draws them into the page.

I personally like the look of parchment or anything that gives an aged effect to my work and often this entails less than perfect finishes and plenty of texture.

Borders, I find can be too neat and exacting for this style & instead I like the occasional piece of a journal to stick out beyond a page, inviting the reader to think "oh, I wonder what that's about". As long as it is presented sturdily and in not too outlandish a fashion, I think it works rather well.

Then instead of a border, a momento can be affixed to a corner of the page and a little quote or explanation can be included near to it. This allows more to be included on each page and gives a more unique and personalised effect for your treasured scrapbook.

Scrapbooking borders, to be or not to be? The choice is yours.

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