[article] In the Words of Others - Choosing the Right Quote For Your Scrapbook Pages - by Alecia Lehmann

It may be true that a picture may be worth a thousand words, when you are trying to preserve a memory for future generations it helps to add a little verbiage to your pages. Memory isn't always accurate, and to really get the most out of your scrapbooking efforts, you may want to consider adding some quotes or phrases to your pages.

Think of using quotes as a sort of bridge between writing an entire diary entry about your photos and losing the meaning behind the pictures by leaving words out entirely. Quotes can serve as both an embellishment and a form of journaling. They an convey the essence of a memory, allowing you to provide the substance through more detailed journaling.

By implementing scrapbooking quotes, you can convey universal emotion to accompany your very personal memories. When taken together with your photos, memorabilia and other embellishments, scrapbooking quotes can help you create a complete layout that will inspire reminiscing, even years after the event has taken place.

But what makes a good scrapbooking quote? A good scrapbooking quote will be:

Catchy - An effective scrapbook quote should be easily remembered. It should stick in your head and make an impact. Think of your favourite song or artist. The best ones get to be that way because they have staying power.

Relevant - The scrapbooking quote may come off as trivial to the reader. However, the meaning of the scrapbooking quote should not be so vague that the reader has to use all of his or her brainpower to understand it. That is, unless you intend for the scrapbook to take on an air of mystery and clue-finding.

Short - A good scrapbooking quote should be able to grab the reader's attention quickly, in just a few words. Unless it is the goal of your layout to have the quote be the center of attention, it should not overpower the photos or memorabilia on your page. The goal of the quote is to bridge the gap between your own words and the images on the page.

Emotional - This does not mean that every quote has to incite tears! A quote should evoke some kind of emotion, sadness, nostalgia, happiness, excitement, etc. - whatever the intended emotion of the layout is.

These are just a few ideas for how scrapbooking quotes can enhance your layouts and your memories. But scrapbooks are personal, and the choice of what makes a good quote is ultimately up to you. If it complements your memories in a way that is meaningful to you, it's the right choice.

Search the Internet for a wealth of ideas for scrapbook quotes. There's a treasure trove of choices out there!

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