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Are you looking for a great idea for party favors for your next celebration? How about covering chocolate bars with wrappers customized for your occasion? You can even make them yourself. They're cheap, easy and appeal to all age groups. Besides, everyone loves candy. Here's some simple ways to create these festive treats.

Wrapping paper

You don't have to be crafty, if you want to make these yourself. An easy way to make candy bar wrappers is to simply cover the bars with gift wrap. This material is great because it's thin enough to mold around your chocolate. Plus, it's available in festive prints, like balloons for a birthday or hearts for a wedding.

Use the rolls and not the folded sheets of paper, to avoid creases where you don't want them. Choose quality paper. Dollar store wraps may be cheap, but can easily tear. It's better to pick something a little stronger, even if it costs more.

Next, measure and cut out your candy bar wrappers from the paper. If you're covering regular 1.55 ounce Hershey bars, for example, you will need to cut pieces that are 5.25 inches by 5.5 inches. Then all that's left to do is to place the chocolate face down on top of the unprinted side of the gift wrap and pull both sides of the paper to the center of the treat. Use double stick tape or a glue stick to hold in place.

If you want to personalize these even further, you can print out a message on paper. Use fancy fonts in complimentary colors. Cut out your text with regular, scallop or other decorative edge scissors. Then use a glue stick to adhere to the top of your completed bars. Or, you can set up your personalization in your label software on your computer and print it on inkjet peel and stick labels. Also, check the scrapbooking section of your local craft store for adhesive backed tags and journaling blanks that you can write on and attach to your treats.

Free stuff online

If you want something that looks a little more polished, you can find websites that offer free printable candy bar wrappers or templates. Try looking for these on your favorite search engine. You'll be surprised how many nice people are giving these away. They're available in many sizes to fit different chocolate treats. You may have to hunt a little to find something close to what you want, but most of the work has already been done for you.

You will find two types of freebies. First, there are the printable designs. With these, all you have to do is print them directly from your web browser. Then cut up, wrap and glue. The other type are templates that you download. These are generally set up for specific programs, such as Microsoft Word. After you save it to your computer, you open the template in the corresponding program. You can then edit it, if you want.

Some extra tips

If you will be making a lot of these party favors, you may want to consider investing in an inexpensive paper trimmer. It will make all that cutting go faster and your cuts will be straight.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of popular commercial candy bars are now packaged with plastic wrappers that are crimped at the edges. They no longer have the foil covering underneath. So, if you like the look of the old-fashioned chocolate bar with foil peaking out of the edge, you can still achieve it. First, tape down the crimped edges, so they don't poke through. And cover the whole thing with either thin aluminum or confectionery foil (found online). Then place your personalized wrapper around it.

Also, you may want to experiment to see what will work best to hold your wrappers together. Glue sticks don't seem to hold as well as double stick tape. Adhesive dots and strips are even better. You can find these at the local craft store.

The easiest method

If you don't have the time, inclination or ability to make these chocolate party favors yourself, you can still be involved in creating them. You choose the design, message, fonts, color and maybe even add a photo or two, and let the professionals do the work. Since these candy bar wrappers will be personalized according to your specifications, they are uniquely your creation. Search online for a company that has great designs and prices, and will work with you to customize your favors. They may even offer you a choice in chocolates from popular brands to those freshly made by a chocolatier.

Whether you make these yourself or create them with a professional, candy bar wrappers are fast, affordable and fun. So, the next time you have a special occasion on the horizon, consider these personalized chocolate favors. Your guests will love them!

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Linda Kling, as the owner of Photo Party Favors, has offered ideas to people planning parties since 1992. Visit her website for more information on photo chocolate favors, including personalized candy bar wrappers with gourmet chocolate bars.

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