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[article] Free Printable Scrapbooking Page Kits - Make Stunning Scrapbooks Easily - by Erik Birkeland

Digital scrapbooking page kits can really simplify the process of making a scrapbook. Not only do they simplify the process but you can also get free digital scrapbooking page kits and save a lot of time and money when making your scrapbooks. These kits allow you to create high quality scrapbooks. A number of websites provide sampler kits for free and are well worth taking a look at.

If you are just starting out then using free digital scrapbooking page kits will get going quickly. Instead of spending your time developing your own pages you can use these kits and get your scrapbook project completed fairly quickly and it will look fantastic!

In the free digital scrapbooking page kits you will get the designed backgrounds, frames, titles and possibly stickers. These will already be placed for you. This means you don't need to spend your time preparing each element that you plan to use. You will just need to put your pictures onto these pages. Once you have placed your picture then you should add some text as to what the picture is about. This is called journaling.

Don't forget to add journaling to each of your scrapbooks. When you create a scrapbook you are trying to tell a story. The pictures are just one part of that. The journaling, title and captions lend context to your pictures and complete the story. I have scrapbooks from my grandparents and since they didn't do a lot of captions I unfortunately don't know who is in a number of the pictures. Don't let his happen to you.

In order to use your free digital scrapbooking page kits you'll need the following:

* Photo editor. You can use Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop Elements (regular Photoshop is quite expensive). If you don't have these and don't want to spend money on a photo editor then you can find a free digital editor at my website.

* Digital scrapbooking page kit

* Quality printer

* Digital camera

* Scanner (if you want to work with older pictures)

Free digital scrapbooking page kits can definitely make the experience of creating a scrapbook much less stressful, especially if you are just beginning to scrapbook. Happy scrapbooking

About the Author

If you would like to learn more about Free Digital Scrapbooking Page Kits then visit my site at

Erik Birkeland writes on business and family related issues.

To read more about scrapbooking and how to enhance your experience with it then visit

Article source: http://www.goarticles.com/

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[article] Digital Scrapbooking With Adobe: Create Beautiful Photos - by Christine Perry

One of the reasons that Adobe is such a great company for modern-day computer users is that they offer a wide range of products. These products help you to not only create documents, but to really enhance them when you're working with photos and other graphics. So, using Adobe for digital scrapbooking can be a fun and enjoyable way to create stunning graphics and pages for your own albums.

Getting started with digital scrapbooking with Adobe doesn't need to be difficult. You might have many questions about the basics and how to begin. Taking the time to learn Adobe Photoshop can add more interest and variety to the page layouts in your scrapbooks.

Photoshop is the most commonly known Adobe software program. Most people will think of Photoshop when they think of digital scrapbooking with Adobe. Photoshop is a flexible software that allows users to crop, edit and manipulate their photographs on the computer. People can create all sort of funny pictures using Photoshop. They can put their face on the body of a supermodel or create a silly photo like a cat riding a motorcycle.

The selection tool is a unique feature in the Adobe Photoshop software. It allows you to isolate any area of a picture and remove it from the other file into another file or an entirely new file. Scrapbookers can use this tool in many ways. You might have a picture of you and your husband. With the selection tool you can separate that photo into two individuals photos of each of you.

Photoshop allows you to select and manipulate the part of that original picture you want and make it into its own new picture. This is one of the best ways to begin scrapbooking with Adobe, as you are not limited by the pictures you have and the way they've come out.

Some of the most creative scrapbooking pages are those that have more than one copy of the same picture, or several shots that were taken right after one another, and so on. When digital scrapbooking with Adobe Photoshop, you can copy your pictures, reduce their size, expand their size, and add as many other pictures as you want, all with the click of a mouse. This way there is no damage done to your original photos, and you don't need to keep copying, cutting, pasting, and so on, until you get it right.

Adobe Photoshop offers several different versions depending on your level of computer skills. You will want to decide how much of a learning curve you want for your digital scrapbooking software. There are full versions used by professionals. These are quite expensive and take a considerable amount of time to master. For most scrapbookers, Adobe Photoshop Elements is a more reasonable and cost-effective option.

Using Photoshop for your digital scrapbooking can be a great tool to work with your photos and create beautiful and stunning scrapbook page layouts. It has a full range of special effects that you can add to your photos. Taking the time to learn Adobe Photoshop will add a new techniques to your digital scrapbooking projects.

Article Source: http://www.search-raven.com

About the Author
Christine Perry is an avid scrapbooker and has more than 10 years of experience scrapbooking. Her favorite photography subjects are her two children. She welcomes you to her website, http://www.intoscrapbooking.com for more beginner scrapbooking and ideas for scrapbooking horse pages.

This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License, which means you may freely reprint it, in its entirety, provided you include the author's resource box along with LIVE links (without "nofollow" tags).

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