[article] Photo Books - by Melanie Cath

Our grandparents had photo albums with grey or brown pages and little corners to hold their sepia photos in place. Then photo albums progressed to white pages with magnetic strips to hold the many, coloured photos we took. The next step was scrapbooking for those crafty people who could be bothered, while others preferred digital photos. But digital photos are limited too. You need a computer, TV or digital photo frame of some kind to display them on.

But how about printing your favourite photos into a real book, just like one you would buy from a bookstore? This is the next option and must surely be a delight to many, especially when it is so easy to do online. All you have to do is download the picture book designer, choose what size you want and the style of cover you like best, insert your images into the templates and add text if you want it. Then you will need to preview it all to catch any mistakes or change something around before ordering however many copies you want.

The whole thing is quite cost effective, when you compare what it will cost you to buy your photo album plus all the accessories you need. Then some years down the track you may find that the photos are degrading, or the adhesive is drying out and it must all be done again. But with your precious photos made into a areal book you will have something that lasts in a beautiful form forever.

About the Author
Mel writes about photobooks, digital printing and other photo gift topics.

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