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Author: Mei Galang

A creative way to save and preserve your treasures is through Scrapbooking. You can place your photographs, newspaper clippings, poems, and tickets into your scrapbook to display and preserve your memories. These days Scrapbooking have gradually evolved and there are new items that can be used to decorate it.

Your own unique embellishments can add a special personal touch to your scrapbook pages. It can be used as the main focus of your page, to highlight items, or as borders. Below are 20 best items that can be used:

1. Stickers.

Stickers are fun and easy to stick to scrapbook pages and can be used for captions, thought bubbles or even to hide mistakes. It is recommended to add stickers that are related to your theme or have a personal significance for you so that it can represent a specific experience or hobby.

2. Ribbons and Lace

Can be considered a common border embellishment but it can always add beauty and elegance because of the flowing nature of both materials encourages a touch of softness and elegance.

3. Embroidery Cotton

It’s individual fibers can be used to highlight items or used to add dimension to pictures or your items. You can also choose to twist or braid for use in artwork or as imaginative borders.

4. Hemp

Single, twisted, or braided fibers can be used to accentuate focus objects, as picture frames, or along the edges of the scrapbook page as borders.

5. Sequins

It can be placed randomly in a variety of colors to give a dramatic, abstract, playful attraction to items and pages or it can be arranged in specific patterns and colors the effects can be elegant and dainty.

6. Rhine Stones

Rhinestones add color and shine to your scrapbook pages making any dull page more exciting.

7. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers can be used to add elegance and as an accent in scrapbooks.

8. Popcorn Garlands

Create a cloud punch out of popcorns from a regular paper, crinkle it and roll into tight balls. Glue it together to make garlands, a sure eye candy for your scrapbook.

9. Glitter

Glitter can add a wonderful sparkle to your borders and fonts but it can also create a huge mess if you don’t apply it properly so be careful!

10. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint can be use to draw and paint embellishments or create accents around focus objects.

11. Liquid Appliqué

Liquid appliqué can be use to draw and paint embellishments or create accents around focus objects. Simply squeeze the liquid gently onto or around the desired image or form.

12. Fabric

Fabric can be used as a background or as a border to add dimension and texture to your scrapbook.

13. Pockets

You can temporarily store objects in a pocket added on your scrapbook.

14. Eyelets

Eyelets are round stub-like pieces of metal. These items are generally used as a way to anchor difficult or heavy objects to your scrapbook pages.

15. Hinges

Hinges are used to make permanent and strong pop up windows.

16. Moldable Foam

Moldable foam allows you to create three dimensional object, borders or backgrounds. You can even use moldable form to make your own rubber stamps.

17. Buttons

Adding buttons to a scrapbook page can as simple as adding a ready-made button. You can also create customized buttons that match your theme.

18. Charms

Charms can be added to memento, graduation, or gift scrapbooks to create a personalized feeling to the page.

19. Crystal Lacquer

Crystal lacquer adds shine and protection to your photographs. This shine adds a soft elegance to any scrapbook page.

20. Beading

Beads can add color and design to a scrapbook.

Over the years, scrapbooking has matured into an art. It is no longer about pasting newspaper clippings into messy bundles of paper. It has evolved into an art with no rules, creativity and imagination are your only limits. Now armed with a few helpful hints and ideas on items that can add life to your scrapbook it’s time for happy scrapbooking!

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